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USAID Successfully Supported The Tourist Sector

USAID Successfully Supported The Tourist Sector

The USAID is funding Timor-Leste to become an ambitious tourist destination while sustaining the country’s cultural and environmental heritage side by side. The project is based on two main outcomes to achieve their goal. The foremost one is to fully implement the national tourism policy, which was launched in 2017. And the next is to foster long-lasting investment in the private tourist sector, to encourage communities of Timorese, NGOs, and associations to contribute, and to develop replicable prototypes of durability and best executions.

Major Achievements:

  • The tourism partnership of Atauro has the most assorted variety of locale, Partnership of Mt. Ramelau Tourism in Ainaro, the highest mountainous location of Timor-Leste and association with marine tourism were registered in association and working individually as well. 
  • Around 8 4008 hours of training sessions regarding tourism and hospitality were conducted in more than 325 sectors, including private and public. 
  • A national committee specifically working for the intangible heritage and culture has developed, which involves the Art and Culture secretary of the state, UNESCO, and non-governmental sectors for Tais’s sustainability and protection, hoping to recognize intangible heritage Culture-UNESCO.
  • The 2nd international Conference for emerging tourism Destination and six more public sessions were arranged, encouraging more than 2500 contributors to promote the teaching of faith-based tourism.
  • Around ten partnerships were signed, including public and private sectors, with 70% well-planned advancement. The partnership includes AIFAESA, containing 40 trained inspectors to supervise “Dili Mo’os no Matak.”
  • Programs were launched to promote entrepreneurship in the sector of tourism resulting in new outcomes in the field.


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