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Grand New Projects for Education and Water to assist in the construction of human capital for Timor-Leste

Grand New Projects for Education and Water to assist in the construction of human capital for Timor-Leste

Two new projects worth over US$48 million for Timor-Leste were given the official nod of approval from the Board of Executive Directors from the World Bank. The projects are meant to tackle the crucial human needs faced by the country. After the newly-devised Country Partnership Framework 2020-24, these projects aim to bring important refinements in the water and sanitation sector and education sector, specifically the classes and school structure. 

Approximately 25,000 people in Baucau, the second largest city of Timor-Leste, will be able to profit from the Timor-Leste Water Supply and Sanitation Project worth US$25 million. The project aims to assist the Ministry of Public Works in building and securing effective and viable regulation for the centrally-operated water systems supply. In this way, plant-treated clean water will be available for houses, educational institutions, community sectors, and business premises. 

In the same manner, a sewerage treatment plan for individual communities will be aimed at gathering and sanitizing the wastewater from the households. The Timor-Leste government will be contributing US$5 million. There will be an efficient project of hygienic and healthy water and a cleaning system for the citizens towards the end of 2026. 

The second project, Basic Education Strengthening and Transformation (BEST), is worth US$23.55 million. This five-year time ranging project is aimed to bring renovations to the classrooms, facilities of the school, and improved teaching standards. The project will be carried out by the Ministry of Education, Youth, and Sports. Above 60% of the project’s finances will be invested in rebuilding classes and schools. Furthermore, it will also ensure the improvement of the new infrastructure plans so that new projects onwards require only a minimal range of standards. This project will help the government bring improvements to education results by profiting 150,000 students and the teaching and administration faculty. It will bring revolutionary changes in the educational environment due to enhanced and upgraded classes, useful training programs for the teachers, and efficient management systems. The project will receive concessional credit of US$15 million from the World Bank’s

International Development Association (IDA) as well as the Global Partnership for Education grant of US$8.55 million. 

“To get a decrease in poverty, sustenance of human capital, and a successful future for Timor-Leste, clean water and hygiene, as well as an improved education system, is mandatory. The projects form a part of the collective World Bank Group endeavors to assist the development plan for Human Capital in Timor-Leste. These are remarkable efforts that are meant to bring a reduction in poverty and boost shared success,” said Macmillan Anyanwu, the representative of World Bank Country to Timor-Leste. 

Since 2000, Timor-Leste has received assistance from the World Bank for its infrastructure reconstruction, economic stabilization, and governmental institutions empowerment. In 2019, the Country Partnership Framework was approved to support human capital, delivery of services, diversification in the economy, funding to connective infrastructure, and changes to the management system of public finances.



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